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SOMO Schools

SOMO Scholars is an innovative education and entrepreneurship program to empower young KIDpreneurs with real-world skills in entrepreneurship and investing. Our unique range of SOMO t-shirts, creatively designed by our CFO (Chief Fashion Officer) and Co-Owner Morgan, doubles as a platform for these ambitious kids to raise funds for their college tuition while learning invaluable life lessons. Each week, we spotlight an exclusive investing tip on our social media platforms, nurturing the SOMO Scholars' financial literacy. Dive into the world of SOMO Scholars and discover how selling t-shirts becomes a transformative journey of learning, earning, and investing.


The SOMO Scholars program presents a unique and engaging approach to bridging the gap between early education and college readiness. Through active involvement in selling SOMO t-shirts, children not only fund their future college tuition but also develop critical life skills usually not emphasized in traditional school curricula. The entrepreneurial journey teaches them business basics, financial literacy, investment strategies, and the value of money - vital elements for personal growth and career success. The weekly investing tips further bolster their understanding of money management and prepare them for financial independence. Beyond the practical lessons, the SOMO Scholars program fosters resilience, creativity, and confidence, nurturing well-rounded individuals ready to thrive in their college years and beyond.



The concept of "KIDpreneurship" in the SOMO Scholars program offers transformative benefits for young participants. By engaging in the process of selling SOMO t-shirts, children have an early introduction to the world of business and entrepreneurship, enabling them to understand commerce's nuts and bolts at a formative age. This hands-on experience fosters a business mindset, encouraging creativity, strategic thinking, and problem-solving. The opportunity to earn and manage money instills a sense of responsibility and underscores the importance of financial planning and investing. These real-life experiences nurture resilience and self-confidence in children, equipping them with the skills and attitudes to become successful future entrepreneurs. KIDpreneurship in the SOMO Scholars program isn't just about money-making; it's about empowering children with the tools to shape their financial future and fostering a generation of proactive, innovative, and financially literate leaders.

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